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Do want a more satisfying life, one with less stress and more fun?
Hypnotherapy can help you get what you want by shifting you out of autopilot and back into the driver’s seat. You’ll learn how to eliminate detours and reach your destination with ease and speed.

Self Confidence & Mindset

Feel better about yourself. Achieve more of what you want – in every area of your life.

Anxiety & Stress Management

Achieve a lasting sense of well-being using selfhypnosis, meditation and Mindful Awareness practices.

Habit Change

Overcome unhealthy habits and behaviors by replacing them with healthy and positive ones.

Fears & Phobias

Conquer your fears, such as flying, heights, loss of control, water, animals and death.

Grief Recovery

Move forward after suffering a profound loss.

Past Life Regression

Allow healing and communication to take place between your spiritual and logical self through accessing past lives.

LGBTQ Coaching

Learn to navigate worries, fears, and challenges without judgment. Experience and cultivate the power of unconditional love and acceptance for self, gain confidence, increase self-esteem. Determine goals, create action steps, and get motivated to achieve what you desire. Release fears and improve your overall sense of well-being and happiness, no matter what obstacles you face.

Mindfulness & Well-being

Create balance and overcome overwhelm by learning to be present. Decrease worrying by cultivating living in the moment. Open up to the joy that surrounds you, and develop gratitude for what is available to you now.


Remove roadblocks, release limiting beliefs and negative self-talk standing in the way of your success. Create the life you want.

Indecision & Procrastination

Overcome struggling with managing your time, create focus and motivation. Get rid of unresourceful habits, negative self-talk, and stress caused by overwhelming expectations.

Sports Performance Enhancement

Eliminate mental fear of failure or poor performance. Remove blocks and get your head back in the game!